Understanding Your Energy Usage in Your School Building

Energy usage in school buildings is one of the important factors to look at when trying to manage a school in a more sustainable way. The amount of energy used, coupled with where it comes from, is one important factor that determines the carbon footprint of the school.

How To Calculate a School Carbon Footprint

Calculating your school’s energy footprint means looking at energy consumption and emissions associated with every part of school life. This is a sensible starting point for any school and will calculate the direct and indirect carbon emissions from the school’s energy use.

How Green is Your Energy?

Sustainable chools need to think carefully not only about how much energy they consume, but also where that energy comes from. Installing an off grid renewable power generation systems such as solar panels or a wind turbine on a school building or on school grounds is an excellent and obvious way to improve the school’s sustainability.

10 Quick Steps To Becoming a More Sustainable School

A sustainable school is one which meets the needs of people and the planet now, whilst not compromising the environment or way of life for future generations. Becoming a Sustainable School involves taking a holistic approach, it is not just about reducing your carbon footprint. It is about creating an ethos where a sustainable way of life becomes the new normal and where you are raising green and sustainable citizens for a better future.

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