Your school can become a champion within your local community, encouraging positive action for the planet and raising funds to make your green initiatives sustainable.

Our referral scheme is a simple way for local businesses and suppliers to reduce their own carbon footrprints while supporting your school – all at no additional cost to them. When you refer a business to us which then switches to green energy, it generates an income for your school.

We manage the scheme for you via a simple online portal, and keep you updated on your success. Funds you earn can be reinvested to your choice of green projects or initiatives within your school.

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How It Works

Step 1

Complete the online registration form with your school details.

Step 2

We’ll contact you to confirm your details and set up your account.

Step 3

We send you a unique landing page branded for your school.

Step 4

You share and promote the scheme in your local community - any referrals we receive through the portal are logged against your school account.

Step 5

The business you’ve referred completes a simple form to register for a quotation for green energy. Any businesses that switch are logged against your school account and once the energy goes live, your account is updated with a payment.

Step 6

You receive statements and updates at regular intervals throughout the year so you can keep track of your scheme’s success and thank those businesses who support your school.

It’s so easy - we even supply you with all the marketing materials


Most frequent questions and answers

Any school operating within the UK can apply. This includes Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Specialist Schools, Parent Teacher Associations, Academies and Colleges. 

The key information you will be asked to provide to register is your organisation’s name, key contact and role, address, telephone number and email. We will then need you to confirm your eligibility.

To pay you your funds we’ll need your bank details and you’ll also need to provide a logo for your organisation to include on the marketing materials we’ll create for you. You can provide these at signup, they aren’t required at registration. Remember to tell us if any details change.

Our preference is Jpeg format. 

If you don’t currently have access to the school logo, we can set you up with a default logo to start with and you’ll be able to change it at a later stage.

We make it simple by providing you with tailored marketing materials for email out or post on social media platforms. You will additionally be provided with your dedicated referral webpage for your community sign ups. We recommend you share these on a regular basis with the whole wider school community, including parents, local businesses and suppliers.

You’ll be provided with statements which highlight the school performance and promote the success of the project.

You will be provided with quarterly statements and funds will be paid on a twice yearly basis in to the nominated account.

We’re happy to chat to you about any questions you may have, just pop us an email us at 


This depends on the size of the business and its energy usage. We will pay the school 50% of the profit we make.

We understand that each school will have its own strategy and climate action plan. As long as your investment supports making a positive contribution to reducing the impact of climate change we’re happy! Here’s some ideas: invest in focussed environmental education, fund a Forrest School trip, tree planting, renewable technology, building improvements, waste management, recycling bins, sponsor a school overseas. 

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