Sustainable Schools Programme

The Sustainable Schools Programme provides you with a simple set of measures that your school can easily adopt to reduce your impact on the environment.

It’s FREE to enrol and it’s open to all educational settings. Schools are responsible for 2% of the UK’s carbon emission which means they have a major part to play in tackling climate change. When you join the Sustainable Schools Programme you show your school’s commitment to making a positive difference.

We’re shouting out to all those schools who feel ready to take the initiative. Our Programme has something for everyone – staff, governors and pupils who want to act, can: we make it that easy. Understanding that doing something is always better than doing nothing, schools are starting to join together and all the small changes they make are collectively making a big difference.

Every school’s infrastructure, facilities and funds vary – we recognise each school is unique and may have different objectives when they sign up. That’s no problem and everyone is welcome.

The Programme is flexible so schools can select any or all the elements on offer- you just customise the Programme to fit your school and help you get to a long-term strategic sustainability plan. We’re all aiming for Net Zero UK by 2030 and we just want to help as many schools as possible reach that goal.

We break it down into 5 simple focus areas:

Get Educated

Education underpins it all: we’ve got all the learning material you need to make positive change meaningful for pupils and teachers – all linked to your curriculum.

We explore what Sustainability really means and demonstrate how the choices we all make each day can have a positive sustainable impact.

We provide you with everything you need for thought-provoking assemblies, engaging lessons and practical project work.

Take action

If you’re ready, our interactive tools are an inclusive way to highlight how your school and everyone involved can reduce their energy consumption and combined carbon footprint. Measuring and tracking tools keep a record of the positive changes you make. Plus, these are other services we can offer:-

  • Calculate your school’s carbon footprint
  • Switch to green energy
  • Renewable energy off grid solutions
  • Energy audit assessments
  • Display Energy Certificates
  • SECR reporting

Reduce Costs

The aim is to reduce consumption across all areas of your school which, in turn, has a positive effect of reducing costs. Our specialist team can help you make sustainable energy choices which will also reduce your carbon footprint. 

Your school is in a great position to be champion of sustainability within your local community, at the same time raising funds to support your green initiatives. 

Schools are the cornerstones of the community, so they can reach out to everyone, leading by example and encouraging everyone around to take positive action for the good of the planet. 

It’s FREE to enrol on our referral scheme and we actively encourage local businesses to support your school by switching to green energy. We find that businesses often want to support schools but struggle to access funds – with our scheme there’s a financial reward for your school for every business that makes a switch to green energy  – it’s the quickest and simplest for a business to reduce their carbon footprint.

Forests for The Future

A Net Zero target is ambitious and will be a challenge to achieve, but  here at Positive Planet we’ve partnered with leading climate change organisations to commit to removing CO2e from the atmosphere. We’re going to get there with a reforestation and carbon removal programme.

Offsetting carbon emissions is an immediate way to make a positive impact. We offer your school the chance to offset the remainder of your school carbon footprint and create a climate positive workforce for a small monthly fee which is channelled back into the ambitious reforestation programme.

Pupils, parents or any individuals linked to the school can offset their carbon footprint for as little as £4.99 per month, and for every sign up linked to your school we plant an additional 5 trees per month. Your school gets a forest – you can track its progress and see the positive impact you’re making brought to life.

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Because every email has a carbon footprint equivalent to 50g of CO2, we’ll plant a tree for every message we receive.

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Because every email has a carbon footprint equivalent to 50g of CO2, we’ll plant a tree for every message we receive.