Why The Sustainable Schools programme

The Sustainable Schools programme came about because a large number of schools wanted to do something about their carbon footprint and to make a significant and positive contribution to addressing climate change. Schools care about their impact on the environment and they care about their children’s future. 

Schools understand that the need to act has become urgent and that’s led many of them to include sustainability in their school’s values and purpose. 

The desire is there but resource and budget constraints often mean schools don’t know where to start –  that’s why we created a programme that all schools can join and which provide a simple set of tools to get started. 

It’s all about giving upcoming generations the best possible future on a healthy planet – it’s about doing the right thing now and reducing our combined impact through education and change. 

Join our community of schools now taking action; together we can make a significant difference. 

✓ Reduce your carbon footprint

✓ Reduce energy costs

✓ Generate income

✓ Understand what creates impact

✓ Influence your community

✓ Plant trees for free

✓ Join at any point of the journey

✓ Free to participate

✓ We welcome all

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Because every email has a carbon footprint equivalent to 50g of CO2, we’ll plant a tree for every message we receive.